Hakluyt Society (regno. 313168)
Description: The objects of the society are to advance education by the publication of records of voyages, travels, naval expeditions and other geographical material and to promote public knowledge of those matters.
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Arts, Culture, Heritage & Science
Employees: Not reported small
Volunteers: Not reported small
Charitable Spending Ratio: 90.38% medium
Income: £1,337,647 medium
Website: www.hakluyt.com
Geographic Scope:
• National: Throughout England And Wales
• International: Australia | New Zealand | United States | Canada
Contact Details
Public address
British Library
96 Euston Road
Alastair Bridges
Anthony Payne
Bruce Hunter
Claire Jowitt Professor
Dr Bronwen Everill
Dr Catherine Scheybeler
Dr Edmond Smith
Dr Eva Johanna Holmberg
Dr Felicity Sout
Dr Gloria Christine Clifton
Dr John Edward Mcaleer
Dr John Smedley
Dr Katherine Ashley Parker
Dr Margaret Makepeace
Dr Natalie Cox
Dr Sarah Jacqueline Tyacke Cb
Lionel Knight
Megan Barford
Mike Barritt
Nicholas John Evans
Peter Barber
Professor Daniel Robert Carey
Professor Felipe Fernandez-armesto
Professor Glyndwr Williams
Professor James Arthur Bennett
Professor Joan Pau-rubies
Professor Joyce Lorimer
Professor Ladan Niayesh
Professor Michael Gerard Brennan
Professor Nandini Das
Professor Roy Charles Bridges
Professor Sebastian Igor Sobecki
Professor Suzanne Mary Schwarz
Professor William Francis Ryan
Raymond John Howgego

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