Description: Making grants towards organisations which are located close to where c & j clark ltd employees, ex employees, pensioners and their dependents live. Tend to make grants for capital projects or sometimes startup costs but not to individuals nor for running costs. Examples of recipients of recent grants have included schools, hospitals, community facilities, sports, village halls, preservation etc
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Medical Research | Arts, Culture, Heritage & Science | Sporting Charities | Environmental Conservation & Heritage | Recreation Facilities | Children & Young People | Elderly People
Employees: 3 small
Volunteers: Not reported small
Charitable Spending Ratio: 99.50% high
Income: £606,931 low
Geographic Scope:
• National: Scotland
• Local: Cumbria | Devon | Somerset | Bath And North East Somerset
• International: Ireland | United States | Vietnam | Brazil | China | India
Contact Details
Public address
Clarks International
40 High Street
BA16 0EQ
Gloria Jane Clark
Judith Enid Derbyshire
Martin Lovell
Richard Bancroft Clark

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