Description: To advance education in, and to foster and encourage the preservation and better understanding of the material heritage of mankind and the environment for the public benefit by the promotion and development of museums and galleries and encouraging the involvementof the public. To establish and advance professional standards of those employed in museums and galleries.
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Arts, Culture, Heritage & Science | Environmental Conservation & Heritage
Employees: 21 small
Volunteers: 14 small
Charitable Spending Ratio: 99.36% high
Income: £2,274,072 medium
Geographic Scope:
• National: Throughout England And Wales | Scotland | Northern Ireland
Contact Details
Public address
42, Clerkenwell Close
Alexander John Bird
Councillor Heledd Fychan
David Liddiment
Dhikshana Pering
Dianna Djokey
Gillian Findlay
Heather Lees
Heledd Fychan
Iain Watson
Kimberley Streets
Margaret Mary Appleton
Patrick Gilmore
Rachael Ann Minott
Simon Brown
Steven Miller
Sue Mackay

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