Description: The object for which the charity is established is to advance the education of the public primarily but not exclusively by the provision of a public museum recording and exhibiting all aspects of flying in the british army both present and past.
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Arts, Culture, Heritage & Science | Environmental Conservation & Heritage | Armed Forces & Emergency Services Support
Employees: 37 medium
Volunteers: 47 small
Charitable Spending Ratio: 97.76% high
Income: £1,812,831 medium
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Hampshire
Contact Details
Public address
Army Flying Museum Ltd
Middle Wallop
SO20 8DY
Alison Elizabeth Shutt
Brigadier Colin Sibun
Caroline Mark Hopkins
Caroline Mary Hopkins
Christine Jennifer Leslie
Colonel Alex Willman
Colonel Jonathan David Bryant Obe Adc
Colonel Retired Paul Edwards Mbe
Jonathon Nelson Deacon
Paul Eli Beaver
Phillip John Webb
Rhonda Smith
Richard Edward Maloney
Sir Gary Robert Coward
Wo1 Ben Rieper Aac
Woi Gavin Gary Good

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