The Thomas Benyon Charitable Settlement (regno. 271133)
Description: The objects of the charity are to assist zane (charity no 1112949) in the provision of assistance to those destitute and trapped in zimbabwe. It also supplies uk charitable support to the borradaile nursing home complex in zimbabwe. It supplied charitable support to the community emergency food bank (cef) in oxford until 23 september 2013, when cef was established as a charity in its own right
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Poverty Prevention and Relief | Homlessness & Accomodation Support | Religious Activities | Children & Young People | Elderly People
Income: £32,766 low
Geographic Scope:
• National: Throughout England And Wales
Contact Details
Public address
2 Church Street
OX20 1RS
Camilla Julia Yates Sinclair
Clare Hayns
Olivia Jane Benyon
Thomas Yates Benyon

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