Description: Manage and let lands under its jurisdiction to enable grants to be made to any charity for the relief of poor persons resident in the ancient parish of hexham (as constituted in 1855), relief of people in need and for advancement of education including social and physical training for persons under the age of 25 resident in the parishes of humshaugh and simonburn or any other charitable object
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Medical Research | People with Disabilities | Poverty Prevention and Relief | Religious Activities | Sporting Charities | Children & Young People | Elderly People
Income: £30,781 low
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Northumberland
Contact Details
Public address
Park End
NE48 3AA
Charles Antony Elliott Braithwaite
Dr John Parlane Kinloch Mccollum
Harriet Mary Benson
Kirsten Francis
Nicholas Arthur Ridley
Rev Stephen Graham Wilkinson
Richard Charles Moules
Veronica Allgood

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