The Philp Lomax Charity For The Poor Of The Chapels Of The Bolton Methodist Circuit (regno. 224108)
Description: For the benefit of the deserving poor of the chapels in the bridge street circuit every sixth of december in each year or as near thereto as circumstances would permit.
Activities: Poverty Prevention and Relief | Overseas Aid & Famine Relief | Children & Young People | Elderly People
Income: £1,932 low
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Lancashire | Bolton
Contact Details
Public address
13 Windsor Drive
Christopher John Holmes
Glennys Elizabeth Astley
Gordon Heaton
Helen Mary Stuart
Ian Harris Muschamp
Jack Noble
James Rigby Stott
John Brian Smith
John Leyland
Keith Thomas Whitter
Kirstin Louise Middleton
Mr Astley Jones
Olwen Baker
Peter Egerton Holland
Peter Green
Rev Carolyn Ann Lawrance
Rev Hilary Howarth
Rev Ian William Smart
Susan Snowden
Tabatha Hodgkinson
William David Hartley

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