Nathaniel Waterhouse Charities (regno. 223894)
Description: The principal activity consists of the provision and management of 24 dwelling units for elderly persons of limited means resident in the ancient parish of halifax
Activities: Homlessness & Accomodation Support | Elderly People
Income: £146,147 low
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Calderdale
Contact Details
Public address
C/o Warden
Waterhouse Almshouses
Harrison Road
Angela Backhouse
Anne Earnshaw
Christopher Ashford Reynolds
Dr Roger W Pool
Frank Berry
Hazel Barker
Helen Rhodes
John Asquith
Lucy Elizabeth Hodgson
Michael Alan Steele
Michael Arnold Mallinson
Michael Steele
Richard Barrow
Roger Michael Verity
The Reverend Canon Hilary Barber
Wendy Astin

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