Ayre To Air (regno. 1174164)
Description: The ayre to air organisation operates a pitts s2 aerobatic aircraft, named the spirit of ayre, that was bequeathed by the family of the late sgt anthony ayre such that service personnel and qualifying civilians may be afforded an opportunity to experience aerobatic flight at minimum personal cost. The organisation is supported by volunteer members of the raf flying clubs' association (non-profit)
Activities: Armed Forces & Emergency Services Support
Income: £10,912 low
Geographic Scope:
• National: Throughout England
Contact Details
Public address
17a High Street
Air Commodore Alistair James Seymour
Alistair James Seymour Air Commodore
Christopher Martin Hives Squadron Leader
Gary Paul Coleman Wing Commander
Squadron Leader Christopher Martin Hives
Wing Commander Gary Paul Coleman

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