Fukushima Friends Uk (regno. 1160996)
Description: We recruit schools and community groups from england and fukushima in japan and match them as partners within our pen-friend scheme to encourage children in each country to write to one another. We translate their letters into the other language, post them on and work closely with our partners to ensure successful exchanges including funding postage where needed.
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Children & Young People
Income: £2,918 low
Website: www.fukushimafriends.org.uk
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Dorset | East Riding Of Yorkshire | Croydon | Lewisham
• International: Japan
Contact Details
Public address
16a Farquharson Road
Emma Stonehouse
Kumiko Akatsuka
Machiko Watanabe
Mary Reeve
Yuka Lunn

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