Barking Mad Dog Rescue (regno. 1160985)
Description: Supporting our shelter in for abandoned and persecuted dogs in romania by raising funds for food, care, housing and veterinary expenses. Managing a team in romania to ensure the dogs are well cared for. Providing emergency rescue response when needed. Facilitating adoptions for suitable dogs to in loving homes in the uk. Working with local authorities in romania to provide humane solutions.
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Animal Welfare | Children & Young People
Income: £284,830 low
Geographic Scope:
• International: Romania
Contact Details
Public address
Spring House
Little Somerford
SN15 5BH
Alex Shipp
Ami Victoria Julia Thompson
Hilary Anderson Ba Dip Ed.
Hilary Anderson Ba Dip Ed.,
Jill Annette Bone
Marsha Rachael Hickmott
Rebecca Mary Duly

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