Transport Benevolent Fund (cio) (regno. 1160901)
Description: To relieve need, hardship or distress among those engaged in the public transport industry within great britain (or who have been so engaged), along with their dependants. Tbf is a membership charity and most benefits are restricted to those who contribute to it. The main exception is that those nominated by transport for london may be helped from a separate tfl staff welfare fund.
Activities: Poverty Prevention and Relief
Income: £3,885,000 medium
Geographic Scope:
• National: Throughout England And Wales | Scotland
Contact Details
Public address
Transport Benevolent Fund Cio
2.7 The Loom
14 Gowers Walk
E1 8PY
Andrew Wakefield
Christopher John Sullivan
David Craig Phillips
Ian Anthony Richard Wilson
June Eileen Carroll
Michael Keane
Peter Sloan
Ravinder Kaur Kalsi
Robert Howard Jones
Sarah Elizabeth Miranda Hope
Simon Barry Toll

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