The Polish Saturday School In Manchester (regno. 1160848)
Description: We support the polish saturday school in manchester by providing teaching resources to further the educational and cultural program leading to national qualifications at gcse, as and a level in the polish language. We hire suitable premises, and employ volunteer staff in teaching or support capacities, and ensure the health and safety of all students attending the school.
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Children & Young People
Income: £73,011 low
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Bolton | Bury | Manchester City | Oldham | Rochdale | Salford City | Stockport | Tameside | Trafford | Wigan
Contact Details
Public address
7 Germain Close
M9 0SQ
Agnieszka Barbara Rutkowska Med
Agnieszka Predka
Bogdan Marian Trybuchowski
Danuta Anna Antonik Bed Hons
Danuta Anna Antonik Bed(hons)
Dr Aleksandra Ewa Makojnik Bch Mrcgp
Dr Andrzej Antoni Rozycki Phd
Ireneusz Lukasz Wegrzyn
Jan Peter Grzywinski Ba
Jan Peter Rapacz Beng Ceng
Jan Peter Rapacz Beng(hons) Ceng Mimeche
Justyna Bielec
Oskar Emilian Huminiecki
Slawomir Breda Mfin Acca
Szymon Andrzej Zielinski
Tomasz Kasinski

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