Description: 2009/10 continued the approach of working with colleagues from different voluntary groups; an approach that led to the establishment of whaley films - a community film group. The wba also spent time and effort developing a proposal to awards for all called the whaley way that sought to build on existing activity.
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Medical Research | People with Disabilities | Arts, Culture, Heritage & Science | Sporting Charities | Economic & Community Development | Children & Young People | Elderly People
Income: £2 low
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Derbyshire
Contact Details
Public address
23 Buxton Road
Whaley Bridge
High Peak
SK23 7HT
Christopher Paling
David Barrie Taylor
George Morton Smith
Jean Horsfall
Jon Taylor
Rev Michael James Peat
Rev Richard Lawrence Kidd
Sam Benedict Gray

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