Description: Christian action uk seeks to raise interest, support and finance the care of orphaned, handicapped and abandoned children in qinghai province (china) through the co-management of xining children's home & welfare centre, and in a number of new orphanages to be built in qinghai over the next 5 years.
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | People with Disabilities | Poverty Prevention and Relief | Overseas Aid & Famine Relief | Homlessness & Accomodation Support | Economic & Community Development | Children & Young People
Income: £2,701 low
Geographic Scope:
• National: Throughout England
• International: Hong Kong | China
Contact Details
Public address
Peartree Cottage
Sandhurst Lane
Alan Cheung
Anthony Crawshaw
Anthony Roger James Crawshaw
Julian Myrans
Julian Walsh
Mark Peter Brooks
Nigel Francis Oakes
Siew Mei Cheung-ang
Susan Perkins

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