Description: The al madad trust mandate is to uplift the living conditions of needy people and communities in developing countries, through the provision of infrastructure development such as houses, schools, clinics, roads, wells, civic education, ambulances, transportation capacity building in skills and trades, empowerment of women, men and children in those communities, so that they can manage the projects
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Medical Research | People with Disabilities | Poverty Prevention and Relief | Overseas Aid & Famine Relief | Homlessness & Accomodation Support | Religious Activities | Sporting Charities | Children & Young People | Elderly People
Income: £21,727 low
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Nottinghamshire
• International: Pakistan
Contact Details
Public address
6 Austen Avenue
Ahmed Ibrar
Ali Liyaqat
Habib Mohammed Bsc; Msc; Fibms
Habib Mohammed Bscmsc
Hanif Mohammed
Khan Ajaib
Mohammed Hanif
Mohammed Zamir
Mohammed Zubair
Rahman Mohammad
Yunis Mohammed
Zubair Mohammed

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