Ymddiriedolaeth Cadwraeth Adeiladau Cadwgan Building Preservation Trust (regno. 1080667)
Description: To preserve for the benefit of the people of cardigan town and of the nation the historical, architectural and constructional heritage that may exist in and around cardigan town in buildings (including any building as defined in section 336 of the town and country planning act 1990) of particular beauty or historical, architectural or constructional interest.
Activities: Environmental Conservation & Heritage | Economic & Community Development
Income: £545,396 low
Website: www.cardigancastle.com
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Ceredigion
Contact Details
Public address
Cadwgan Building Preservation Trust
Cardigan Castle
Green Street
SA43 1JA
Arwyn Morys Reed
Bryce James Barrett
Chris Hewitt
Clive Davies
John Stephen Jenkins
Kevin Taylor
Non Davies
Rhodri Evans

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