Diwa Asian Women's Network ( D A W N ) (regno. 1080649)
Description: Established since 1993, provides a multilingual counselling service to support mental health in a culturally sensitive environment; counselling for men is accessible from 5-7 pm. Offers: counselling internships and volunteer training opportunities; educational, cultural, and recreation opportunities including performing arts to alleviate isolation amongst the elderly - especially asian women.
Activities: Medical Research | Religious Activities | Arts, Culture, Heritage & Science | Economic & Community Development | Recreation Facilities
Income: £59,941 low
Website: www.dawncharitabletrust.com
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Harrow
Contact Details
Public address
14 Bengeworth Road
Dr Pushpinder Chowdhry
Mindi Chaggar
Neeru Singh
Rani Kalha
Richa Dave
Tajinder Nijjar

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