Teresa Ball International Solidarity Fund (regno. 1080521)
Description: Education. Pastoral work including the relief of poverty and promotion of justice. Promotion of religion. Maintenance of the members of the institute in the pursuit of their mission. Other charitable purposes for the benefit of the public.
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Poverty Prevention and Relief | Overseas Aid & Famine Relief | Religious Activities | Children & Young People | Elderly People
Employees: Not reported small
Volunteers: Not reported small
Charitable Spending Ratio: 98.99% high
Income: £2,994,481 medium
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Manchester City
• International: Kenya | Nepal | Peru | Ireland | South Africa | Bangladesh | Sudan | United States | Zambia | India
Contact Details
Public address
Loreto International House
25 Rathfarnham Wood
Dublin 14
Geraldine Mc Aleer
Ita Moynihan
Macarena F De Bodadilla
Noelle Corscadden
Patricia Grant
Sister Anita Maria Braganza
Sister Bernadette Boland
Sister Bernadette Boland Ibvm
Sister Brenda Eagan
Sister Igora Pinto
Sister Judith Nekesa
Sister Marie Linda Charles

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