Solidarity And Community For Action (regno. 1040548)
Description: 1.The support and relief of refugees of african origin living in great britain and in particular their rehabilitation.2.The relief of poverty, sickness and the distress as experienced amongst asylum seekers and immigrants of african origin, in particular through the provision of advice, counselling, prison visits, training and in similar charitable ways.3.The advancement of public education
Activities: Education & Training Programmes | Poverty Prevention and Relief | Homlessness & Accomodation Support | Elderly People
Income: £1,575 low
Geographic Scope:
• Local: Essex | Greater London
• International: Congo (Democratic Republic)
Contact Details
Public address
30 Hamilton Road
Ebengo Mpela
Lynette St-cyr-caesar
Mbila Mbokolo
Rev Emile Nkumu
Theophil Lassey

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