The Association Of Clinical Scientists (regno. 1040366)
Description: Assess trainees as a preliminary to hcpc registration promote, advance & encourage the study & practice of the application of science in the prevention, diagnosis & control of illness & disability establish, uphold and improve qualification, training, competence & conduct of uk clinical scientists work & liaise with relevant professional bodies,including hcpc on matters relating to the above
Activities: Education & Training Programmes
Income: £44,316 low
Geographic Scope:
• National: Throughout England And Wales | Scotland | Northern Ireland
Contact Details
Public address
Association Of Clinical Scientists
130-132 Tooley Street
Claire Benton
Dr Ann Dalton
Dr David Baty
Dr David Stirling
Dr Frances Gunvor Boa
Dr Gwyn Mccreanor
Dr Ian Mark Godber
Dr Jacob Vaarkamp
Dr Joanne Cowe
Dr Katherine Elizabeth Templeton
Dr Kirsty Jane Dodgson
Dr Olivia Jane Shaw
Dr Richard Charles Pottinger
Dr Ross Stuart Sadler
Dr Ruth Hamilton
Dr Susan Rosemary Davey
Dr Sylvia Sharon Armstrong-fisher
Dr Vicky Clare Moore
Jason Kasraie
Lesley Anne Chandra
Max Thomas
Professor Marion Scott Phd
Professor Neil Raymond Anderson
Professor Richard Anthony Lerski
Professor Richard Antony Lerski
Samantha Jo Lear
Stephen James Harbottle

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