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24 October 2019
Give Super Our Mission

Empowering People

Give Super's mission is to increase the total amount of money raised for charity and to direct that money to where it will do the most good. We want to empower ordinary people to donate more to charity, more effectively. We aim to make it effortless yet fulfilling to find charities with the highest impact which also align with personal values and goals.

Many people want to do more to support charitable causes - but it can be complex deciding which are the best charities. It can also be a headache keeping track of your donations individually. In the end people probably give less than they feel they really could or should. At Give Super we aim to provide a simple but powerful platform to empower people to achieve thier giving goals.

Making it Easy

The Giving Profile

Rather than users researching and trawling through individual charities Give Super aims to indentify the best charities based on a Giving Profile. The Giving Profile is created by answering questions about donation goals and what is most important - such as which causes are most important, local versus international operations and reported levels of charitable spending for example. Give Super combines the Giving Profile with our charity research and other datasets to recommend the best charities.

Single Monthly Donation

We believe the simplest way to manage donations is to combine them into a single monthly transaction. This makes it easy to stay in control of the total amount which is right for your circumstances and goals. This can be easily adjusted up or down as your situation changes. The Give Super platform aims to make it easy to manage how that total donation is subsequently directed to specific charities.

Donation History

Because all donations are managed in one place it is easy to see a history and breakdown of every dollar given. We believe people should be proud to see their donation history, to see how their donations have accumulated over time and which causes they've helped the most.

Optimising Effectiveness

Research & Data

Give Super researches and promotes the most effective charities for various causes. We also leverage open datasets to analyse and characterise charities performance and activities.

Responsive Donations

One of the most exciting and powerful features of Give Super is the ability to set aside funds to be used in response to immediate crises and emergency appeals In this way we can flexibly direct funds where they are needed most in real-time. At the same time users can rest assured that they are supporting urgent needs without micro managing.

Our Values


We want people to know exactly where their money is going and any fees associated with their donations. While it is impossible to operate Give Super for free - we are working hard to keep our fees as low as possible. Ultimately we believe that our fundamental mission to increase the total amount of money raised for charity and to direct that money to where it will do the most good justifies our existence.


We take privacy seriously. We belive that users should be in control of their data. This also means users can choose whether to pass on their personal information to charities along with their donations - or not.


We love technology and we want to create a platform which provides the best experience and ultimately achieves the greatest impact for peoples donations.

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