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Super Intelligence

The power to automatically select and proportion your donations to the most effective and impactful charities. Customised to you.

Super Agility

The power to automatically adjust your donations in response to appeals, crises and a changing charity landscape.

Super Endurance

The power to make your donations work harder. Give Super never sleeps. So you can rest assured you're doing the best with what you can give.

How it works

• Set up a single monthly donation through Give Super for any amount.

• We'll ask you about your giving goals and what is most important to you.

• Based on your answers we'll suggest and allocate your monthly donation to the charities which will have the greatest impact.

• View your donation history, review and customise your donations at any time. You're in control.

How do we determine the best charities?

1 Quantitative - we source and integrate publicly available data into our searchable data set.[1]

2 Qualitative - We distill the latest research, ratings and recomendations from Charity Evaluation Organisations across the world.[2][3][4][5][6]

3 Crowdsourcing - Your opinions, feedback and expertise matter too! We rely on our users to bring to our attention their experiences and knowledge of the charity landscape.


[1] Charity Commission for England and Wales
[3] Charity Navigator
[4] Impact Matters
[5] Founders Pledge
[6] Give Well

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